Welcome to Research into Masculinities

Who are we and what is our ethos?

Using Connell’s (2005) approach to masculinities, we are a group of researchers and research students examining the ways in which masculinities are constructed and performed.

Using a range of theoretical lenses, from hybrid masculinity to feminist hermeneutics, our aim is to further the world of research into masculinities and to broaden the scope of what is currently considered to be research into masculinities.

Listen to Dr. Ashley Morgan discussing ‘the paradox of masculinities’ as part of International Men’s Day on the Sociology Show podcast:

Current research projects explore male pattern baldness, masculinity and clothing in music, feminist interpretation of the Kamasutra to challenging toxic masculinity, and abstracting gendered issues of design.

We invite you to come and work with us as postgraduate students, we offer a range of support across all academic schools, the Cardiff School of Art & Design, Cardiff School of Education and Social Policy, Cardiff School of Management, Cardiff School of Sport and Health Sciences and the Cardiff School of Technologies.